Lubricor Inc. has a host of cleaners with applications ranging from ferrous metals to non-ferrous metals including leaving a corrosion preventive layer on parts.

Alkaline-Detergent machine cleaner with biocide intended for individual machines and central systems cleaning. Generally used when changing coolants or first charge.

ECOCLEAN LX-13 and LX-54
Our new line of cleaners were developed to provide the customer very low foaming products even at high pressure, up to 5,000 psi. They are two of our next generation cleaners that behave like synthetic coolants. These two products are performing extremely well as they also contribute to ecosystem sustainability via ease of reconditioning with our novel filtration concept thus extending cleaner life by some factors.

General-purpose floor cleaners, great on concrete floors, removes black tire marks and work well even in mop and bucket applications. Do not leave a white residue, work at low concentrations and are low foaming to medium foaming and are safe for aluminum parts of the floor cleaner frame.